• Telemarketing

    PH Call Circle is your expert outsource call center. We specialize in outbound appointment setting, lead generation and survey calls. Each campaign has a dedicated account manager to ensure your company the highest conversion rate in the industry. Read More
  • Technology

    Long gone are the days of making one phone call at a time. Our predictive dialer VOIP software allows us to make multiple calls at once and looks for the first person to pick up. This allows our agents to make over 700 calls per day on the average. This means more opportunities to speak to your clients. Read More
  • Pricing

    Since our call center manages many campaigns, we are able to operate at lower cost than most of our competitors. Pricing starting as low as $6 per hour, per rep. Other services offered are recording phone calls, leaving pre-recorded messages and providing leads. Read More
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Why You Will Be More Successful Hiring Us

 Not only will your campaign be successful through our lead generation, but all of our agents are trained to supply each caller with excellent customer support on a mass volume scale using our predictive dialer program.

Click below to see the TOP 5 Reasons how your company can be more successful running a campaign through PH Call Circle.

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Products That Sell

Creating Call Scripts & Recorded Voicemail: Allow our experienced call center supervisors to write quality and high conversion call scripts for any industry or record professional voicemail message with optional music.

Purchase Leads: Looking to concentrate on a specific demographics? Well we can supply accurate leads to assist you with your call campaign starting at pennies on the dollar.

White Label Predictive Dialer: Already have your own call center or maybe appointment setter, but looking to get the maximum productivity out of your callers. Then try the same technologies that our agents use everyday, engage with more customers and boost your contact rate by 300 - 400%.